May 162012

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  5 Responses to “Help Make Your School Come Alive!”

  1. It is worth it to join. Super cool to help our kids to thrive in the massively changing world they will inherit.

  2. So Mark Lets get one of those little macminis loaded up with HANA with a dataset or two and set what they can come up with.

  3. Hi Nigel,

    Love the way you think. For the people that don’t know what HANA is: Nigel and I are working in the larger SAP ecosystem.

    HANA should be in the problem solving tool box, probably not a core tool, but it comes handy when you have large data sets that you need to number crunch. We should start collecting useful tools to solve problems.

    First is a school/classroom/community organizing tool that isn’t based on a company like Facebook or Google. WordPress and Joomla come to mind. Any suggestions?

  4. […] to make this vision come true and create the framework in your local school, please fill out this form or send us an email: mark at aliveschools dot […]

  5. Great talk Mark. Your passion and speaking from the heart (yes, I remember 🙂 really came across. Really enjoyed listening to it.

    On your conversation with Nigel on HANA and datasets, thought you might be interested in something that is related – Young Rewired State. Take kids, add coding help and data sets, and see what they can come up with. Fantastic event. Happening again this August. (disclaimer: I’m sort of involved, in a small way).


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