About Alive Schools


Alive Schools is a community of people interested in implementing the 5 idea framework in our schools for our children to come alive and be ready to thrive in the massively changing world they will inherit.

The framework consists of 5 ideas first introduced in 2012 at TEDxCreativeCoast:

The 5 ideas in short are:

  1. Let children solve real world problems in school.
  2. Let children decide which problems they want to tackle.
  3. Let the children share their problem/solutions/process with the world. Wikipedia style.
  4. Have a presentation at the end of the year where the solution is introduced to the beneficiaries of the solution in front of fellow students, teachers, parents, …
  5. Let the children tackle their problem on 20% of their school time.

If you want more background to these ideas check out the Cliff Notes and the slides to the talk. They slides in the video are bit stretched. If you want to help out, make this vision come true and create the framework in your local school, please fill out this form or send us an mark@aliveschools.org.

Once these ideas are implemented at your school, I am convinced, that there will be many thank you hugs from happy children to be had.

Goal at the moment is to create documents and success stories like Skill Point Alliance to help convince as many folks as possible to try our the above framework in their school.

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